an effort to help the return of good governance

Just released my 1st game cpgPOTUS45 and I wish this is one I never had to release. You play as POTUS45 sending tweets signing executive orders and attempting to pass bills. All while building confusion and keeping your approval rating high enough so you can stay in power.  Its was heartbreaking to make and to envision (and watch) republicans or trump supports ignore bad governance.  we can all speculate what happened at many points in the election and time in office but what seems to be true is he did not take his base and reshape the republican party for the better. I have eternal hope for a strong, and moral republican party or a replacement as this government needs at least a two partys.

Thank you for playing my game and I would love it if you would take the time to tweet, or talk about its ideas and its endings with others.

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Mar 18, 2018
cpgPOTUS45.apk 25 MB
Mar 18, 2018

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